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We recognize that the millennium is an ear of enormous challenges and creates tremendous opportunities for service providers in facing the challenges to compete and excel in a liberalized market place.


MRW OIL is a Malaysian company based in the Malaysian State of Selangor. MRW OIL has progressed rapidly to become a global player in the manufacture of Industrial Lube oil and Automotive Lube oil and other petroleum derivatives. MRW OIL has achieved significant growth since its inception.


Among other products, the main product that is market by MRW OIL is base oil for manufacturing of Lubricant related products.


Our services are designed to address the market ever-changing needs, enrich focused customers relationship and help project the image as the service provider of choice. Our visions to provide customers nationwide with one stop, fully integrated resource solution to all their Industrial Lubricants .Our customers will experience features and benefits that were not available before.


MRW OIL diverse customers operate in a wide range of industries, automotive, industrial products, mining, construction, agrochemicals, agricultural, Marine and Port Operation.


our mission

\\ Supplying oil products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.


\\ Constantly achieving operational excellence.


\\ Conducting our business in safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner.


\\ Employing diverse, innovative and result oriented team motivated to deliver excellence.


\\ To be one of the leading company of Lube Manufacturing in Asia.

our vision

\\ To be the top performing and most admired brand of Automotive Engine Oil domestically and globally.


\\ To be one of the leading multinational lubricant of choice





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